iClock S900 JC is a time & attendance and access control terminal with incorporated ZK fingerprint sensor, 3.5″ TFT display and Job Costing firmware.

Easy to install with a modern design and it includes ZKTeco’s Job Costing firmware. Job Costing, or Production Control, is a solution for the management of projects and tasks performed by employees inside the company, tracking the time and associated costs of each job. The multi-lingual application, is compatible with Windows. The system allows the user to identify by means of pin, proximity, fingerprint or barcode. Apart from project cost management, it includes basic T&A
functions, such as check-in & check-out.
• Job Costing Firmware Version for Production Control
• Project, Task and Job Management
• Barcode structure definition
• Units manufactured by Job number or project
• Pendrive download structure defi ned by user
• Multiverifi cation by user
• Function keys defi nition by weekday and time range
• Access Control functions
Fingerprint capacity 8.000
Transactions 200.000
Platform ZEM800
CPU 32bit MultiBio Microprocessor 630MHz
Memory 64M RAM, 256M Flash
Relay contact electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Door Bell


LCD TFT Screen 3’5 inch
LED Indicator Green / Red
Oper. Temp 0°-45°C
Oper. Humidity 20%-80%
Power 12V, DC 1.5A
Comm. Port Ethernet, USB-Client
Pen drive USB-host
Wiegand In&Out
Type ZK Finger 9.0 and 10.0
Identification <=2 seconds
Verification <=1second
FRR < 1%
FAR <=0.0001%
Maximum All configured by menu
Voices Allowed. Standard male and female
Type buttons keypad
Function Keys 8 Defined by user
Events Management Up to 9.999 with description
Dimensions 140x160x45mm (L x W x D)
Weight 1.50kg
O.S Linux
Applications T&A, AC, Job Costing
SDK Professional SDK
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